Reclaim: Resilience


What’s causing your stress and burnout? And what can you do to relieve it (and prevent it from coming back)?

In this 4-week course presented by mindset coach Jamie Sabat and holistic health coach Marni Wandner, we’ll start by getting to the root, the origin story in your subconscious mind that is holding you back. From there, we’ll explore how to create a self-care routine that works for your unique personality, and how to build resilience against stress.

We’ll dive into a 4-step process to understand your belief systems, uncover your elemental archetype, clear blocks from your mind, body and spirit, and help you manifest the life (and health) you desire.

What's Included


Prework - Use the guidebook to work through the goal you desire.

Video - Watch the video from Marni and Jamie on what to expect

Session 1: Mastering YourTime   

Time Integration for Maximum Empowerment™ Techniques is a collection of techniques for eliminating negative emotions, disempowering beliefs and limiting decisions from the past, while creating and setting achievable, desirable goals to create a compelling future. TIME Techniques™ also addresses the way we perceive time, both semantically and neurologically.

Session 2: Working with Your Archetype

The Five Archetypes is a personality methodology based on The Chinese Five Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.) We’ll delve into how understanding your own personality archetype can help you predict behavioral patterns and optimize your self-care. Attendees will be able to take the 5A assessment before the session so they can understand the details of their own archetype.

 Session 3: Building Resilience 

Expanding on our work with the Five Archetypes, we’ll explore the 3-step process for building resilience against stress, according to your primary archetype’s needs for safety. You’ll take away a system you can use and practice so you can continue to work toward balance in your life, both internally and externally.

Session 4: Hypnosis for Deep Integration 

Hypnosis is a changed state of awareness and increased relaxation that allows for improved focus and concentration. It also is called hypnotherapy. Hypnosis usually is done with the guidance of a health care provider using verbal repetition and mental images. During hypnosis, most people feel calm and relaxed.



Meet Your Coaches 

Jamie Sabat

I’m an author, mentor and speaker. I’m accredited at the International Board of Coaches and Practitioners in Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques, TIME Techniques, and Neuro Linguistic Programming..My own journey of manifestation began with the important decision to live the life I truly desired. What followed was the resolve to let nothing stand in my way of attaining that goal. I accepted myself as my own client and dedicated myself to the practice of manifesting the best life possible. 

The pivot from student to teacher came, and it is my passion to share the beauty of manifestation with other women so that they can realize the life they always imagined is already here.

Marni Wandner

I’m a certified holistic health coach helping high performing professionals manage stress and prevent burnout. I work with clients to optimize their nutrition, sleep, movement, and mindset and I use a personality methodology based on the Chinese Five Elements to understand where they get stuck in patterns, and how to break through them to get into a place of transformation as fast as possible.

I spent two decades working in the music industry as a marketing executive, running my own marketing agency for 12 of those years. It was my own experience with (and recovery from) burnout that prompted me to get certified as a health coach in 2014.

I’m also the co-founder of Equilibrium, an initiative that brings wellness to the music industry, and am a wellness consultant, working with companies to help them add wellness components to their organizations and events.   

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Course start date: 07/06/23

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