About Jamie Sabat

Welcome to Distill + Express. I'm so excited to take this journey with you.

My own journey of conscious parenting began with the important decision to live the life I truly desired. What followed was the resolve to let nothing stand in my way of attaining that goal. I accepted myself as my own client and dedicated myself to the practice of manifesting the best life possible. 

My childhood and early adult life followed a typical path many people take: years of education, exploring the joys of travel for business and pleasure, dating, and enjoying the laughter of close friends. I lost my dear mother to cancer before I even left home for college, but I never let fear of illness dictate my life. Instead, as a tribute to my mother, I have lived life to the fullest.

Now a mother myself, I have incorporated meditation and Conscious Parenting into my children's lives and daily routines. Learning the discipline can begin at any age. As soon as a person can pray or hope, they can set their words to make intentions to the universe. It is important for everyone to know they have the power within them to affect positive change. 

The decision to make the journey and not the destination came not from a life-changing event; rather, it came from a deep awakening that I had not yet reached my highest potential. Only when I changed the path I was on, with the intent of living the life I had always wanted, did I understand that the universe was waiting to show me the answers to life's questions.

The pivot from student to teacher came, and it is my passion to share the beauty of conscious parenting with other parents so that they can realize the life they always imagined is already here.

With love,

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