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 "The first women's only membership club focused on the spiritual entrepreneur." 

We have created a community of women that lift each other up and understand the concept of growing together. It isn’t a solo mission. Our success is created from us working together. We have provided a platform to fill your cup with a monthly coaching call, book club and thought leadership on wellness. Our space is a place for you to network and share more about your business, while creating positive transformations in your own life and business.


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  • Networking with all other members (find your soul tribe). 
  • Space to host events and broadcasts. 
  • Thought leadership — discover the latest trends in business, technology, finance, travel, beauty and wellbeing.
  • Chat rooms in Geneva and conscious conversations about topics such as astrology & human design, crypto, conscious parenting, holistic wellness, mindset & manifestation, and plant medicine!


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The High Vibe Women Community is expanding and we are looking for a place to call home in the DMV. Our center for healing and wellness supports women and moms on their personal development journeys. Inside the four walls we produce weekly programing that include wellness activations, retreats, non-alcoholic meet ups and co-working.

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  • In person and virtual events, weekend getaways, and retreat offerings!
  • Live Monthly Coaching Call and Conscious Conversation Chats
  • Monthly Book Club
  • Free 90 day membership access to Sona — a music therapy app
  • Access to a transformational library of audiobooks and podcasts



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