Command To Create


Command To Create


I wrote my first book... well a chapter in a book. Read my journey from my darkest hour to enlightenment. Join me as I share my personal journey into motherhood. The road was unexpected and full of surprises. As obstacles arose, the person I needed to become to meet the challenge is truly the benefit from the experience. I'm now able to parent James and Mila consciously, have a whole new perspective on life and have a freedom never felt before. 

Bravery was one of the traits I received from the NDE. So, I joined New York Times Bestselling Author, Jessica Buchanan and 20 other women to put pen to paper and share my story with the world.

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Deserts to Mountaintops

An Anthology of women's journeys to reclaiming their voices. Read the stories of 22 women moving from their darkest hour into the light.


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