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Manifestation practices can be very powerful for companies, whether it’s a workshop for the leadership or the entire team. Visualizing what you want for your company is the first step toward activating your goals.

One-on-One Coaching

Work directly with Jamie to imagine and manifest the company you’ve always dreamed of. Dedicate one hour a week for eight weeks, and learn how to adopt a mindset that works for your goals. Jamie uses methods including EFT, Hypnosis, NLP + TIME Techniques™ to help you remove subconscious obstacles and manifest the future of your company.

 Cost is $555 per session.

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Half Day/Full Day Workshops (Mastering Your Purpose)

Bring your team together for a life-changing experience. We’ll go deep into spiritual, intellectual, and mental practices that will help each team member create and design the life, career, and freedom they’ve always imagined. Jamie will guide your team in eliminating any negative energy, and through scientifically proven methods, she will rewire the team’s subconscious and energy field to be more aligned with your company’s purpose. In addition, your team will work together to shift towards a mindset of magnetizing abundance and making an impact in your community.

Cost is $2,222 for a half day or $4,444 for a full day.

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Human Design

Elizabeth Meadows of Energetic Alchemists will lead your team on a journey to discovering your true path. She will dive deep into each team member’s design type and strategy, offering her wisdom on a harmonious work environment and magnifying everyone’s talents. Not only will Elizabeth help you understand your strengths, but also she will guide you in ways to optimize your time spent on client work.

Team assessment and assignments is $200/employee (minimum of four) or $200/assignment.

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