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We want to create a thriving community within the High Vibe House, fostering support and empowerment for female entrepreneurs and moms. We aim to cultivate an environment where women can connect, collaborate, and uplift one another, thereby nurturing personal growth and professional success.

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Eleminate to the limiting beliefs holding you back.


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Attend impactful talks and events with link-minded souls.


Use powerful life-changing products derived from nature.


From Jamie with Love

From the latest meditation techniques to advice on oils and stories from clients, the Distill + Express blog keeps you informed and inspired.

Essential Oils Saved Me

Jan 25, 2022

Reclaim: Resilience 

What’s causing your stress and burnout? And what can you do to relieve it? (and prevent it from coming back). In this 4-week course presented by mindset coach Jamie Sabat and holistic health coach Marni Wandner, we’ll start by getting to the root, the origin story in your subconscious mind that is holding you back.

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The Reserve 

Are you looking to meditate but not sure where to start? Are you feeling like something is holding you back but not sure what it is? Do you see patterns in your life you want to change? Do you have negative self-talk on repeat in your mind? Are you ready to start manifesting but need step-by-step guidance?

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The Mind Garden 

We dive deep into the transformative journey of conscious parenting and its profound impact on personal growth and success. Drawing from my own experiences and coaching certifications, I reveal the direct correlation between subconscious programming and limiting beliefs that often hinder our progress as parents.

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Be a part of the movement! The High Vibe Women Community is expanding and we are looking for a place to call home in the DMV. Our center for healing and wellness supports women and moms on their personal development journeys. Inside the four walls we produce weekly programing that include wellness activations, retreats, non-alcoholic meet ups and co-working.

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